KEVLAR BIKINI, are a noise rock, punk infused, hardcore band from Zagreb, Croatia. Formed in 2010 as a quartet, they released two albums, Explodisiac [2012] and Hi-Fi or Die [2014]. In 2015 they became a trio and took on a darker and more aggressive approach to their music, resulting in the release of Rants, Riffage and Rousing Rythms in 2018. Their fourth full length album is OPT-OUTism, set to be released on the 22nd of May 2020 via Geenger Records.

OPT-OUTism definitely shows the array of different musical influences that Kevlar Bikini incorporate so flawlessly into their music. From beginning to end, this record takes you on a trip through an onslaught of hardcore riffage, aggressive vocals, massive basslines and frentic drum licks all brought together with melodies, chants and the punk undertone that Kevlar Bikini cement together so well. Nuances of grunge, sludge, post-rock and prog-rock all seep subtly through each track, making the journey all the more exciting.
With so many different influences, one would expect a confusing mess of an album, this is definitely not the case here. Kevlar Bikini manage to seemlessly incorporate everything together into one, well executed, consistent package, thus creating their uniqueness. Whether you’re a fan of the hardcore and punk genres or not, the musicianship and well constructed complexity of an album that offers so much, makes OPT-OUTism a must.

Pre-order / stream OPT-OUTism HERE – Available 22nd May 2020

Berta aka Balta – Guitars, vocals
Kasi – Bass, backing vocals
Kicho – Drums

01: Ballerina’s Toes
02: Bride in a Torn Up Wedding Dress
03: Night Shift Monomania
04: Failing as an Adult
05: Feral Fun
06: Son of a Grinder
07: The Wailer
08: Flirting with Nihilism
09: Quench
10: Oozing Optimism

Official Site:


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