REVIEW: CIRKELN – Kingdoms That No One Remembers

CIRKELN is a one-man project hailing from northern Sweden, combining black metal with doom and classic heavy metal infuences. In February 2020, the first full length record, Stormlander, was released, paving the way through the journey into ancient tales and epic stories told by the music. Kingoms That No One Remembers is the second album, telling tales of archaic magic, hidden dungeons, mythical lands and epic adventures. The digital format was released 4th June and a limited edition digipack vinyl cd will be launched on 25th June through Naturmacht Productions.

When one mentions epic adventures, castles, dungeons, archane magic and fantasy themed metal music, the general consensus would point to power metal, so what if, instead of power metal, it was a black metal band? Enter Cirkeln, who takes heavy, doom, folkloric and traditional metal and brews it all together with a very healthy dose of cathartic black metal, then tops everything off with a generous serving of epicness and grandeur and gives us Kingdoms That No One Remembers. This album shows clear signs of Cirkeln’s evolution, from a more raw and direct Stormlander to this much more refined, complex and versatile record, all while maintaining the essence of a more traditional black metal band. This is exactly the reason Kingdoms That No One Remembers could easily enter the ranks of classic black metal albums and become a go-to record for fans of the genre.

Kingoms That No One Remembers is available now in digital format – Limited edition digipack vinyl cd available June 25th.

Våndarr – Performs and produces all music.

01: In His Deep-Hidden Hall
02: Golden Rauros
03: Sun and Moon
04: Ships
05: The Castle
06: Sing of Frozen Dreams
07: The Eye; The Throne; The Ring
08: The Dreaming City
09: Ainulidalë – Of the Music of the Ainur (Interlude)
10: Kingdoms That No One Remembers


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