DIVINE WEEP are a Polish 5 piece heavy metal band formed in 1995, initially as a black metal project. Over time, their style changed and evolved into a more classic heavy metal sound. In 2010, new members were recruited and birthed the release of a demo. 2013 saw the release of their first EP, Age of the Immortal and in 2016 their first full length album, Tears of the Ages. After evolving into a more aggresive style, 2020 now brings us their latest album, The Omega Man, released 8th June, through Ossuary Records.

The Polish metal scene has always produced quality music and bands, in what seems to be the predominant genres, black and death metal, yet here we have Divine Weep, who break through the barrier with their own take on classic heavy metal. As before mentioned, they started out as a black metal band in the mid 90’s, and although they have evolved into a more traditional heavy metal band, their earlier influences still peep through, giving them their characteristic sound. While keeping the NWOBHM vibe, they manage to give it a darker and more raw undertone with their hard and fast riffs, shifts, blasting drums, epic guitarmanship and powerful vocals, traversing through power, speed, heavy, thrash and even nuances of black and death metal. The album itself is well thought out, between the blistering metal anthems, some well placed, slower and more melodic tracks give room to breathe and let everything soak in, before setting off on another rager. In all, The Omega Man truly shows off the defining capabilities and musicianship of Divine Weep. An excellent album, whether you’re a fan of traditional heavy metal or not.

The Omega Man is available now – order.

Mateusz Drzewicz – Vocals
Bartosz Kosacki – Guitars
Dariusz Moroz – Guitars
Janusz Grabowski – Bass
Dariusz Karpiesiuk – Drums

01: Cold as Metal
02: Journeyman
03: Firestone
04: Riders of Navia
05: The Screaming Skull of Silence
06: Walking (Through Debris of Nations)
07: Die Gelassenheit
08: Mirdea Lake
09: The Omega Man


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