REVIEW: PHOBETOR – When Life Falls Silent

PHOBETOR are a female fronted, death / groove metal band, hailing from the UK. After their formation in 2018, the 3 piece outfit’s first release was their 2019 EP, Burning Memories. Now, with a newly defined sound and identity, 2020 brings us the release of their debut, full length album, When Life Falls Silent, available 17th July through Black Jasper Records, and available now to preorder in physical format.

The modern metal scene has evolved into so many variants and subgenres that it is hard to keep count, and death metal is no exception. So many bands fall into the core subgenre when creating original or standout music. Now, this is where Phobetor show that they are capable of making original music while keeping away from the reach of the core subgenre’s tentacles. When Life Falls Silent ranges between classic death metal, a more modern, melodic metal, nuances of black metal and at times a new wave feel peeps through, all the while, keeping the extreme element that the band self identifies with. The tracks follow a classic but strong structure, combining powerful riffs with heavy drumming and the aggressiveness and range of Conserva’s growls, thus acheiving their goal of blending melody and groove into a more intense and extreme experience, and maintaining the almost melancholic side to their music. Melodic, modern, aggressive, groove / death metal, When Life Falls Silent has it all, making it such a great album for metal fans of various subgenres. Phobetor have made their stance in the metal scene, and will surely mark their presence with such a strong debut album!

When Life Falls Silent – available to preorder – releases 17th July

Debora Conserva – Vocals
Mitch Revy – Guitars
Marc Dyos – Drums
Richard Hunter – Bass (session)

01: Merging Infinity
02: A Toxic Lie
03: Whispers of Dissonance
04: Blind Widow
05: Psychopathy
06: Bury My Name
07: Harmony of Solitude
08: Dysmorphia
09: When Life Falls Silent



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