EXTRACTION OF THY SOUL is a one-man black metal band emerging from the Slovak tatras. Primarily influenced by the 90’s era black metal and DSBM, Splendid Isolation is the debut 4 track EP to be released independently on the 29th July, and is available now to preorder.

Black metal over the years has seen so many variations and interpretations, but one thing that can be said, without a doubt, is that the true and rawness of many bands are what give the genre, in many cases, their own character. Splendid Isolation is no exception here, and this is a good thing. The EP starts off with a more atmospheric and soothing track, then quickly tears us into the depressive brutality of raging guitars, blasting drums and the afflictive screams that identify so well with the genre. Brief moments of dark yet ambiental soundscapes give room to breathe whilst always maintaining the DSBM character in play. Although 90’s black metal is the predominant influence, tones of heavy metal and at times even a little punk shine through, all contributing to the originality and versatility that is showcased over the duration of the record. In all, Splendid Isolation is a true representation of the work and dedication that was put into making it, while staying true to a genre and it’s origins, and as a debut EP, marks the exciting beginning of what’s to come from Extraction of Thy Soul.

Splendid Isolationpreorder [release: 29th July]

Martin Mojžiš – All instruments and production.

01: The Nothing
02: Ov Him and Her
03: Splendid Isolation
04: Suicide Note

Official Site:

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