REVIEW: SLIT YOUR GODS – Dogmatic Convictions of Human Decrepitude

Based in Spain, SLIT YOUR GODS are a brutal death metal band comprised of Spanish and Russian members from various bands. They now prepare to unleash their debut EP, Dogmatic Convictions of Human Decrepitude, a 3 track record of balsphemous death metal, to be released 11th September through Comatose Music and available now to preorder.

Brutal death metal has offered many great bands over time, and nowadays, with the age of technology bringing us so much to choose from, every now and then, new artists emerge and remind us that in the midst of a scene that sometimes feels a little saturated, it is still possible to be surprised, and Slit Your Gods are here to prove it. Although this EP has only 3 tracks, it is relentless, from start to finish. The sheer devastation and brutality, together with utterly demonic vocals, beastly, face deforming riffs and blast beats galore keep heads banging as Slit Your Gods drag us through their interpretation of what brutal extreme music should be. Dogmatic Convictions of Human Decrepitude truly is an exceptional piece of work, especially as a debut EP from a band still setting out on their journey into the gory depths of the brutal death metal genre scene, and who will surely make a firm stance. In all, Slit Your Gods’ debut EP is a definite affirmation of their potential to become a known name in the ranks of brutal death metal bands.

Dogmatic Convictions of Human Decrepitude – Available 11th September – preorder.

Oscar – Bass
Rod – Guitar
Santi – Guitar
Jordi – Vocals
Roman – Drums

01: Cult of Surpreme Blasphemy
02: Dragged by the Cross
03: Scapulars of Human Decay


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