UNP want’s your videos! The main goal at Underground n’ Proud is to help promote underground rock and metal bands from all over the world, which is why I am looking for fresh videos to add to the official YouTube channel.

If you would like to get featured on the channel, just send a downloadable link (WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc) to your video file (.mov, .mp4, etc) using the contact form below with the following information:
– Band name
– Country
– Album / single
– Release date
– Your social media links
– Any additional information you would wish to mention in the video description

After reviewing your request and getting everything ready, your video will be posted to the YouTube channel, website and social media as a normal post would be, and, as is my policy, all featured bands will also be added to the appropriate Spotify playlist, then all you have to do is give it a like and a share to help me, help you, spread the word!


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