PHIL STILES, the frontman from Final Coil, launches the second single, Bury Your Head, from his solo experimental / electro / prog rock project. The track is from his debut EP, The Anchorite, released in June via Epictronic and available to stream or purchase now: Spotify | Amazon| Bandcamp | Links.

The official promo for the track:

A prescient track, Bury Your Head is the second single from Phil Stiles’ debut solo EP, The Anchorite. Detailing how the deliberate polarisation of society by national governments has been aided by the desire of an exhausted public to simply ignore the turmoil, the lyrical content reflects the ongoing crisis of Western democracy.  

Musically, the track nods to Massive Attack, The Cure and Nine Inch Nails; the pulsing synthesisers and incisive guitars swirling around a distorted vocal to create a track that is thoughtful yet menacing.  To this end, the lyric video, created by Lee Waters, taps perfectly into the paranoia of the piece, the heavily glitched imagery recalling the work of Rob Sheridan circa Year Zero.  

Official Site:

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