Eclipsis Vitae is the debut full-length album of Italian atmospheric/post-black metal band CRUEL LIFE INSIDE, released on the 12th March via  Casus Belli Musica and Beverina Productions.

The 7 tracks of this album are meant to be listened as a whole, like a journey, and staying loyal to the genre, you can expect the music to feature ravaging guitars, intense blast beats and harsh vocals, contrasting in times with some nice melodic riffs, clean vocals and an atmospheric soundscape.

You can already sense this with the first 2 titles, the opening instrumental track Dolor, which warms up for the second song Ignis, one of two tracks previously presented by the band to announce this new album.

They also managed to include, and well I daresay, an ambient piano track in Eclipsis Vitae, Infirmus is the name of it.

According to C.L.I. and quoting them: “The album describes an intense journey through dark times and emotions that everyone of us has experienced at least once in life, shifting from pain to rage, from suffering to hope.” You will feel this when you start delving into Eclipsis Vitae, the slow melancholic rhythms changing to fast paced and dynamic tones, as if your spirit is rising up to a more confident level.

Also this work is dedicated to the mountains and landscapes of Calabria, where the band hails from, and they show you this with some natural sounds and passages, featuring wind howling, rain falling and birds singing, not to mention of course the whole atmosphere present in the album.

The song Loricum was actually the first work of C.L.I. released as a single back in 2019, which gives away to the album’s outro Cura, another fine ambient instrumental track that ends Eclipsis Vitae in a very deep and pleasant way.

If you like atmospheric black metal and/or post-black metal, make sure you listen to this album, a great musical journey that C.L.I. takes you into with their own original and emotional mark.

ECLIPSIS VITAE – available now!

Angelo Pellicano – Vocals
Francesco Brisinda – Guitars and programming
Giando Sestito – Bass

01: Dolor
02: Ignis
03: Fletus
04: Infirmus
05: Vernum
06: Loricum
07: Cura


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