PLANET UNDERGROUND: VOLUME 2 is here! To celebrate the 1st anniversary of Underground n’ Proud we have released our second official compilation of 22 rock and metal bands from all over the world! The compilation is available to download using the link below, and it’s absolutely free! On April 16th, a spotify playlist will also be made available for those of you who prefer to stream.

The download includes 22 tracks in MP3 format + compilation artwork.

Online exclusive – FREE DOWNLOAD
Spotify playlist – LISTEN NOW!


01: FLYINGDEADMAN Reaching Out (2:49AM)  [EP: The Night 2020 | France]
02: DISOUT Our Desire [Album: Mien 2021 | Poland]
03: PECULIAR THREE The Sentient [Album: Leap Of Faith 2020 | Greece]
04: TO THE HELPLESSSi Quieres Puedes [Album: A Futile Guide To Modern Living 2021 | Spain]
05: BYRON Through The Eyes Of The Nightingale [Single 2020 | Finland]
06: HVALROSS Trenchfeet [Album: Cold Dark Rain 2020 | Netherlands]
07: GORELEM Rebel By Fate [Album: Part III 2019 | Germany]
08: THE TRONAUTASLizbeth Salander  [Album: In Doom We Trust 2020 | Mexico]
09: HERMIT’S MAZEWhere Dystopia Lies [EP: Every Dream Has Its Bleakness | Argentina]
10: CYRAX Dorian Gray [Album: Experiences 2020 | Italy]
11: NOISECIDE My Desires [Single 2021 | Paraguay]
12: MERCIC Here We Are Again [Album: MERCIC_6 2020 | Portugal]
13: STEEGMOORD Silent Hill [Album: Self Titled 2021 | Belgium]
14: KILL FRENZYBlood For Blood [Single 2020 | South Africa]
15: E.N.DBlinded By Avarice [EP: A Grave Deceit 2020 | Croatia]
16: CIBOLA Veer [EP: Downfall 2020 | Sweden]
17: GODLESS Infected By The Black [EP: Swarm 2018 | India]
18: OMINOUS RUINRitual [Album: Amidst Voices That Echo In Stone 2021 | USA]
19: SOLLEIN – Another Side Of Sadness  [Single 2020 | UK]
20: MEPHISTOPentafixion [Single 2021 | Cuba]
21: GROHOTIl Separatio [EP: Creatio Ex Nihilo 2021 | Romania]
22: MAUDIIR The Slumber [EP: La Part Du Diable 2021 | Canada]


Discover your next favourite underground band, our playlists are divided into genres, choose your favourite and play it loud!


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