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As the music industry has evolved over the years and with the dawn of digital media outlets becoming the new norm, independent bands have endless possibilities to share their work and send their message out to thousands of potential fans from anywhere in the world. With platforms, social media networks, press and media outlets growing at an exponential rate, it seems damn near impossible to keep on top of them all without having to spend countless hours a day withering away in front of your computer, wasting valuable time that could be spent doing what really matters, making music!

This is where PR services step in, lightening the load of all your promotional needs. A good PR company will surely boost your followers, get you media coverage, find radio airplay, get interviews and reviews, among many other services that will ultimately help your band grow and increase your fanbase. So why hire someone to do this when you can do it yourself? Like I said before, the possibilities are endless, new sites, blogs, podcasts, radios appear every day, so unless you have the time to spend your days finding them all, communicating and many times hitting a brick wall, then you need PR. Think of it as an investment, money well spent to help improve your revenue and coverage in the long run, also opening the possibility of finding the right label to take on your band and finally get you the much sought after record deal!

With that said, finding the right PR service for you can be a strenuous task within itself, so here I present to you with 10 PR companies (in alphabetical order) that are trusted by Underground n’ Proud and that are worth looking into to find some of the best, specialized services to fit your needs:

The Canada based PR company, Asher Media Relations was founded in 2007 and work with rock and metal bands and labels with the goal to create as much coverage possible on print, digital, radio and television across Canada and media outlets from across the globe. Offering services such as design, networking, promos, amongst others. More details here – https://ashermediarelations.com/

Specializing in classic heavy metal, extreme metal and hardcore, Blood Fire Death Promo are based in Spain and offer services for booking, management and press campaigns. Working with bands labels and event management alike, their reach is global thanks to their own services and trusted partners. More details here – https://www.bloodfirepromo.com/

BJF PR is a UK based company dealing mainly with established labels but also a range of unsigned and independent rock and metal artists. Their promotional campaigns reach a vast array of media outlets to boost coverage and opportunities for their roster of bands, labels and artists. More details here – https://www.facebook.com/bjfpr/

Hailing from the USA, Clawhammer PR offer promotional services for heavy metal and rock bands and independent labels alike. Prioritizing media coverage in both digital and physical outlets, they have a wide roster of bands and labels to their name, grown from their experience since their foundation in 2008. More details here – https://www.facebook.com/clawhammerpr

USA based, Earsplit PR joins years of experience from heading PR services from some well known labels. Formed in 1999, apart from their promotional services, the self-titled Earsplit Compound has since expanded from not only PR, but also an independent label, distribution and mail order services. More details here – http://www.earsplitcompound.com/


The Grand Sounds Promotion team are based in Europe and specialize in metal, rock, indie, ambient and grindcore bands alike. Since they started in 2012, they already boast a roster of some well known bands in both promotional and touring support services. Their media coverage ranges from small independent blogs to some of the major publications. More details here – http://grandsounds.net/

Based in the UK, Imperative PR specialize in all forms of underground music, ranging from black metal to rock and dark ambient. Boasting years of experience with thousands of media outlets, their specialized team offer services ranging from promo campaigns to management and label searches and everything in between. More details here – http://imperativepr.co.uk/

Being a website / blog, radio station and PR service alike, USA based Metal Devastation Radio offers various promotional packages to spread the news of all releases for your band, while also having the advantage of giving coverage on their very own media outlets, which boast thousands of daily hits and followers. More details here – https://metaldevastationradio.com/

Hailing from France, Purple Sage PR’s main focus is for rock and heavy bands and their services range through, media campaigns, event and tour promotion, community management and content branding. Working with bands, labels and event promoters alike, their services boast a global reach through many different outlets. More details here – https://purplesagepr.com/

Independent PR service, based in Italy, The Metallist PR offers a wide range of accessible promo packages for PR and publicity, digital marketing and consulting for guaranteed results. Other services include playlist placement, branding, website design amongst others, to create a solid reputation for upcoming bands. More details here – https://www.themetallistpr.com/

Now you have a basic idea of what PR companies can do for you and your band in the long run, get in touch with whatever one suits your needs the most and use all that spare time to make more music and take advantage of your new found fame!


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