CHAOS RISING – New single – Normalize

International collaborative project, uniting female metal artists from all over the world, CHAOS RISING, have announced the launch of their latest single and music video for, Normalize. The track is available now on all major platforms via their official channels.

The official announcement describing the project:

Chaos Rising is an atypical open metal project composed of women from all over the world who play, create, share new songs in different metal styles. It’s open to every female artist interested in metal music and who wants to involve in any kind of aspect of music and project (playing, recording, album art & design, lyrics, album production, promotion…).
The purpose is to show and promote women’s talents and abilities. We make “working teams” to compose songs in different metal styles. We publish a new song each month and have already released 14 songs.
We started the project in 2019 with only 2 musicians and now we are more than 20 members from France, Germany, Switzerland, Iran, Brazil, Argentina, UK, Mexico, Sweden, Australia, Russia… We have already produced a song with Britta Goertz (Critical Mess, Hiraes), Mio Jagger (Frantic Amber), Behnaz Ghavidel an iranian musician, Pitchu Ferraz (ex-Nervosa) and new musicians join us regularly.


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