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So, you have finally recorded all your tracks, sent them off to be mixed and mastered, or done it yourself, and the countless hours of studio time, and of painstakingly getting everything ready to rock your fans’ socks off, what is the next step? With the ever growing amount of ways to get your work out there, the most efficient and effective way, with the amount of platforms available nowadays, is through digital distribution.

Digital distribution is how your music is placed onto streaming platforms an online stores such as Spotify, Tidal, iTunes, etc, thus making it available for your worldwide audience to stream or buy your music and generating your royalties! So what now? which platform to choose? Although there are many out there, one I personally recommend, as a subscriber myself, is DITTO MUSIC.

For as little as €19 /year DITTO allows artists to release unlimited music onto all of the major platforms and more while letting you keep 100% of all your hard earned royalties! The platform also has in depth analytics systems so you can track the progress of how your streams and sales are coming along.

For the more dedicated few, they also offer their RLIAB – Record Label In A Box service which offers the possibility of starting your very own record label! After purchasing the service, they will automatically set up your label, with all the necessary registrations and paperwork to get up and running within just a few days. The RLIAB packages also include everything you need to start signing bands and releasing music all while giving the support necessary to keep things running smoothly!

Find out more about DITTO and their services here!

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