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PLANET UNDERGROUND – VOLUME 1 will be our new compilation of unsigned bands from around the world, to be released as a free download to help share the music!

We are looking for unsigned bands to be part of our new compilation for 2020 – Planet Underground: Vol 1

The goal

Our goal with PLANET UNDERGROUND – VOLUME 1, is to bring together 20 different unsigned bands from around the world into one compilation. It will be made available as a free download in digital format and later released as a spotify playlist on our official profile.

What does it cost?

Absolutely nothing! We do not aim to make money off your music, we simply want to help share it with potential fans from around the globe, which is why the compilation will be completely free of charge for both the participants and fans alike.

Who can participate?

Any rock / metal band or artist that is currently unsigned. Participants must have a spotify profile with the chosen track available so it can be added to our playlist for the compilation.

How do I participate?

Simply send us an e-mail with your chosen track in mp3 format and the respective details (facebook link, album, release date, etc). By sending us the e-mail we will consider it as your permission to use your music on the compilation. You can use the link at the bottom of this page or go to our about section

Selection process

As you can imagine, there are a lot of bands out there, so we will make a selection of the participants to try and keep it as diverse as possible. This selection will be made as to not create a compilation of too many bands from the same country or genre. The selected participants will be informed

Release dates

The compilation will be released after we have gathered and selected the 20 participants to become a part of PLANET UNDERGROUND – VOL 1!

Send us your music!


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