Alejandro Lopes is a guitarist, songwriter and producer born in Venezuela of Portuguese roots. His music career began in his teens but his love for music started at a very early age and his passion was ignited while listening to bands like Pearl Jam, Oasis, Sound Garden and other big rock and grunge acts of the 90’s.
At the age of fifteen he picked up a guitar for the first time and no longer than 3 months
later, takes to the stage for the first time, lighting up the way for what would be the beginning of his music career.
At the age of eighteen he was invited to China to be part of one of the very first latino music bands in Asia. 3 years later he decided to take on new challenges by auditioning for bands that better suited his playing style and focused more on guitar performance with hopes of gaining more knowledge and experience.
After performing with some of the top 40’s bands in 5 star hotels around Asia and the Middle East between 2012 and 2016, he decided to breaks away from the cover bands and decided to step up to the challenge to achieve his goal of becoming a session guitarist and producer.
In 2016 he is called to audition for one of the most influential female pop stars in China where he ends up taking the spot as lead guitarist. Alejandro’s reputation as a guitarrist grows in the Chinese music industry where he ends up consolidating his goal as a session musician performing for various artists amongst some of the most respectable music producers in Asia.
Today Alejandro is in Madeira, Portugal where he keeps writing and producing music for artists around the globe as well as collaborating in different cultural projects in the Atlantic island


ALEJANDRO LOPES – Guitar / Vocals


NOW AND THEN VOL.1 – [EP – 2017]
NOW AND THEN VOL.2 – [EP – 2021]



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