After various years of playing music, both alone and in other bands, Malaysian multi-instumentist and songwriter Saiful Nizam Shukor laid all projects to rest to focus his effort into his solo project, SILENCED MINSTREL in 2016. He spent the year writing and recording material in his personal studio, Sky Pancea Enterprise, which gave birth to his debut album, Volume 1 in 2017. Combining melodic gothic atmospheres with thrash, doom, death and black metal, the foundations were laid to create a solid base for the music he had always wanted to create. His 2018 album, Volume 2, brought forth a more refined and decisive venture into his music after experimenting with different production styles, ditching the symphonics and developing his lyrics into a darker, more occult theme.

Venturing into his third release in 2019, after fully recovering from a long term clinical depression, Silenced Minstrel introduced a gloomier atmosphere portraying the darker personal experiencies and underlying negativity brought on by his suffering, thus releasing his anger, hatred and feelings of betrayal and vengeance into his music. With this new mindset and a fresh outlook for his next album, the 2020 full length, Volume 4 came with a faster, more aggressive and direct approach. He recorded another album the same year, and started to focus his efforts of further developing and defining what he could now call his own sound and style, and focusing his efforts on evolving into the signature black metal evident in his work.

2020 also saw the release of a sixth record, An Ode To A Sickening Year, a compilation of remixed and re-recorded tracks from the first three albums and an extra bonus track, intended as an allusion to the volatile evolution of his music over the past 5 years and serving as a reminder of his origins and influences that brought on the creation of his project and will continue to evolve as moves forward.


SAIFUL SHUKOR – All instruments and vocals


VOLUME 1  – (Album / 2017) 
VOLUME 2  – (Album / 2018) 
VOLUME 3  – (Album / 2019) 
VOLUME 4– (Album / 2020) 
VOLUME 5– (Album / 2020) 
AN ODE TO A SICKENING YEAR – (Remixed / 2020) 


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