REVIEW: CHAOS OVER COSMOS – The Ultimate Multiverse

CHAOS OVER COSMOS is a Polish – Australian duo of musicians who have never actually met, infusing technical melodic death metal, progressive metal and electronic music into one package. 2018 saw the first self released album, The Unknown Voyage. The Ultimate Multiverse is their second album, and is set to be released 20th June 2020 through Narcoleptica Productions.

With technology and communications constantly evolving and opening up whole new worlds of possibilities, Chaos Over Cosmos prove that two musicians from different points on the globe can come together to create something beautiful. This album showcases that the duo are capable of creating so many different atmospheres within each track, hard hitting guitars, beautifully executed solos and riffs, well placed electronic elements and carefully chosen vocal arrangements all make The Ultimate Multiverse such a pleasure to listen to. Being essentially a prog album, the songs are longer, yet in this case, is in no way a bad thing. The subtle changes and nuances of genres take you through each song with relative ease, ranging from metalcore, prog, heavy metal, melodic death metal and even an 80’s-esque retro electronic sound at times, all put together into a cohesive and well thought out record.

Preorder The Ultimate Multiverse HERE – Available 20th June 2020

Joshua Ratcliffe – Vocals, lyrics and songwriting
Rafal Bowman – Guitars, synths, drum programming and songwriting

01: Cascading Darkness
02: One Hundred
03: Worlds Apart
04: Consumed
05: We Will Not Fall
06: Asimov (instrumental)

Official Site:

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