IT FOLLOWS are a Polish quartet formed in 2018 that combine hardcore and grunge into a heavy mix of metal music. In 2019 they released their debut album, The Devil Put People Here, and marked their position as a unique grungecore band in the Polish scene. After joining forces with Blood Blast Distribution, this year signals the launch of their second album, XXI, set to be released 26th June.

Listening to this record invokes a certain sense of nostalgia with its evident grunge influences. At the same time, XXI brings us the power of hardcore, nu metal, and just downright heavyness into the mix, which truly makes it a unique experience and sticks It Follows’ flag, firmly into the grungecore genre. When one imagines what the outcome would be, if someone took grunge, hardcore, nu-metal, metalcore, influences of death metal and a touch of thrash and started a band, it becomes hard to fathom how it would be possible, and this is where It Follows excel. They have managed to take so many different genres, and with a well constructed ensemble of vocal arrangements, powerful guitars and thunderous drums and basslines, taken their music into a niche of its own and defined the very meaning of the word grungecore. XXI is a very versatile record, in the sense that it can satisfy fans of various rock and metal genres, and defines an exciting future for what could very well be a landmark in It Follows’ journey forward.

XXI will be available – 26th June 2020

Adrian Meissner – Vocals, Guitar
Andrzej “Kobi” Walochnik – Guitar
Lech Kasperowicz – Drums
Jakub Miąskowski – Bass

01: Intro
02: Rainbow is the New Black
03: Dying
04: Letarg
05: XXI – feat. Pemko (Above The Life)
06: There Deep Inside
07: Dark Time of Our Times – feat. Mihu Piesiak (Materia)
08: Misanthrope – feat. Rome Malerba (Wonderpub)
09: Strzyga
10: Prozac Generation
11: C.H.A.O.S.



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