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PLANET UNDERGROUND: VOLUME 1 – Our very first compilation of unsigned bands and artists from around the globe! Bringing you some of the very best underground rock and metal! The download includes 20 tracks in MP3 format from various artists [see tracklist] + front and back cover.

Online exclusive! – FREE DOWNLOAD
Spotify Playlist* – Available 10th August

*Due to restrictions, some music may not be available on the Spotify playlist.


01: OATHSAKESorrows  [Single 2020 | Country: SINGAPORE]
02: OVERTHRONE(G) H O S T S [Single 2020 | Country: UK]
03: AUTUMN LIES BURIEDBrothel [album: Delusion of the New World Kings 2019 | Country: USA]
04: ARISTICElements [single 2020 | Country: SWEDEN]
05: COMMON CHOIRPhase Separation [Album: Gravemind 2020 | Country: USA]
06: RIVERWOODFairytale [Album: Fairytale 2018 | Country: EGYPT]
07: NIGHTMARE A.DDeathtrip [EP: Phantoms of Our Ruin 2018 | Country: COMBODIA]
08: DEMONIC EYEDDemonic Eyed Vs. Wendigo [Album: Demonic Eyed 2 2020 | Country: SLOVAKIA]
09: DOMINATIONTrapped [Album: Evil Seed 2019 | Country: ARGENTINA]
10: FALLEN VOIDDawn [EP: Black Hole Rises 2020 | Country: USA]
11: CYAXARESTemples of Fire [Album: Shahnameh 2019 | Country: IRAQ]
12: RESTIVE NATIONComa [EP: Lucidum 2020 | Country: IRELAND]
13: THUS UNSPOKENNepenthean Cycles [Album: Prying Fiction 2020 | Country: PORTUGAL]
14: STARSCAPEColony [Album: Pilgrims 2020 | Country: SWEDEN]
15: THE BEAUTIFUL LOSERSNever Again [Album: Bar 2020 | Country: FRANCE]
16: PROJECT MOTHBALLDark Shadows [single 2019 | Country: NAMIBIA]
17: C.O.DBlackened [Album: Came out Damned 2017 | Country: ROMANIA]
18: FIRE WHEELLaying on a Bed [Album: Ignited 2019 | Country: FRANCE]
19: ZORYATree of Life [EP: Rusalka 2020 | Country: SLOVENIA]
20: EXTRACTION OF THY SOULOv Him and Her [EP: Splendid Isolation 2020 | Country: SLOVAKIA]

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