Getting back into business after a hiatus from organizing live events due to the pandemic, Funchal based promoters MetalMad, hit back in full force with the 3rd edition of their Oath Circle Meeting event. Hosted at the indoor area of the Estrela Inn & Barbecue House on the 9th of December, local bands Siamese Cancer and Knife in The Feathers shared the stage with guest bands from mainland Portugal (Viseu), Basalto and Tvmvlo for a night of full metal frenzy opening up the Madeiran moshpits once again.


Starting off the night, local three-piece hardcore / power-violence crew, KNIFE IN THE FEATHERS took the stage by storm with their high energy and frantic performance. The recently formed trio, proved their worth with their fast-paced and hard-hitting tracks and strong stage presence. Although the rooms acoustics did not favour their sound, the band gave it their all and set the pace for the rest of the night while getting the audience geared up and ready for more.

Photo credit: ANGELO SOUSA


The next act to take the stage were BASALTO, a three piece death / doom metal outfit hailing from Viseu in mainland Portugal, the first of two bands from outside of the local circuit. From the get-go, the trio blasted their crushing doom metal infused with sludge and stoner influences, providing a barrage of hard hitting metal throughout the venue. Their stage experience shined through as they flawlessly ripped through their set and got the audience banging their heads to their powerful tracks.

Photo credit: ANGELO SOUSA


The second local act of the night, SIAMESE CANCER were next in line to take the stage, and they took it by storm! With almost two decades of existence, the four piece death metal squad proved their worth with their devastating set. Although the band has few releases available on streaming platforms, they do have stage experience under their belt. The talented musicians brought down the chaos with their technical, old-school death metal and opened up the mosh pit like the gates of hell themselves!

Photo credit: ANGELO SOUSA


Last but definitely not least, old school death metal trio also hailing from Viseu in mainland Portugal, TVMVLO closed the evening with an assault of crushing riffs and thunderous drums with their devastating set. Fast-paced and hard hitting death metal that is signature to the band, ended the night on a high note with the final round of energetic moshing from the Madeiran metalheads and a cohesive performance from the experienced trio, thus bringing an end to a spectacular night of Portuguese metal.

Photo credit: ANGELO SOUSA

To finalize the night, the organization handed out some goodies to randomly selected ticket holders in their traditional prize draw. In all the atmosphere throughout the night was amazing, although the venues acoustics did not really favour the live performances, all bands took to the stage and gave it all. The crowd gradually warmed up too and showed their full support for the bands and for the event itself. The third edition of the Oath Circle Meeting, besides a couple of minor setbacks and as mentioned before, the acoustics of the venue, was a success, bringing in a decent sized crowd for what could be expected in Madeira and providing a long awaited full on metal event for the islands following and an amazing night for everyone involved!


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