To celebrate Underground n’ Proud’s 3rd anniversary, it is my absolute pleasure to announce the launch of the fourth official international compilation, PLANET UNDERGROUND: VOLUME IV! 40 bands representing 34 different countries make up this compilation, ranging from alternative rock to extreme metal, there is something in there for all tastes! Many bands submitted their music but unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to add them all, so a selection was made to try and keep this release as diverse as possible and include different sub-genres from various nations. A huge and heartfelt thank you goes out to every artist that submitted their work and made this new compilation possible!

So, without further ado, here it is, 40 bands representing 34 countries bringing some of the best rock and metal from the global underground, PLANET UNDERGROUND: VOL IV – available now as a FREE download of 40 tracks in MP3 + the compilation artwork!

Online exclusive – FREE DOWNLOAD
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*Some tracks may not be available on Spotify.

Get the previous compilations [Free download]: VOL IVOL IIVOL III


01: ALEJANDRO LOPES – I Can’t Read Your Mind [Portugal]
02: FUTURE RADIO – No One Else Will [South Africa]
03: CHERRYBEATS – The Rabbit (We’re All Mad here) [Switzerland]
04: KEVLAR BIKINI – Flirting With Nihilism [Croatia]
05: FEMEGADES – Be Alone [UK]
06: DEAD LOW – Not For Sale [USA]
07: BAYLINE – Beggars Can Be Choosers [Netherlands]
08: GODZILLA IN THE KITCHEN – The King Of Monsters [Germany]
09: HOG MEETS FROG – Of Snakes n’ Moles n’ Bulls n’ Dough [Austria]
10: EMPRESS – A Pale Wanderer [Canada]
11: NÖCTÆ – Blossom [Italy]
12: BEMOAN – I Guess My Way Means All Alone [Finland]
13: MIDNIGHT GUEST – Seize The Doomsday [Brazil]
14: PITCH BLACK PROCESS – Patern [Turkey]
15: BELLE MORTE – Exorcism [Belarus]
16: SYRKANDER – Libera Me! [Chile]
17: SANCTORIUM – Sing Brethren Dark [Russia]
18: AUSOMAPTO – Amar Bhasha Tomar Desh [India]
19: MICHAEL KHILL – Coscienza Del Male [Italy]
20: BITTERWOOD – One Shot [UK]
21: DUSK – Agnes Of Rome (Ft. Abzy) [Saudi Arabia]
22: KINGSPHERE – Point Of Light [Poland]
23: STAINED WITH SILVER – Apart [Israel]
24: KEITH MCCOY – Reactive Machine [Ireland]
25: HERMITS MAZE – Lumiancoma [Argentina]
26: ONCE AWAKE – My Deed [Norway]
27: VENTED – Vitriolic [USA]
28: OMEGA DIATRIBE – My Sphere [Hungary]
29: ANCIENT REMAINS – The Ancient Will Remain [Australia]
30: PANSSARITUHO – Sanansaattaja [Finland]
31: DEMONIC-EYED – Into The Depths [Slovakia]
32: MOLOKEN – 21.12.12 [Sweden]
33: ELDERSEER – Under A Dark Sky [UK]
34: ENHALO – Crystal Falls [USA]
35: HAINE – Hate. Illuminate [Malta]
36: HORDA CANNIBAL – Carne Molida En La Carretera [Mexico]
37: VELKHANOS – Gunpowder [Spain]
38: GROHOT – Blood Sun [Romania]
39: ZORYA – Ikigai [Slovenia]
40: SILENCED MINSTREL – Unholy Masticating Void [Malaysia]


Discover your next favourite underground band, our playlists are divided into genres, choose your favourite and play it loud!



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